Venicejets® Payment Process

How can I pay for my charter flight?

We accept payments through traditional banking services as well as online. We process online payments through our secure partner, Stripe.

Choose your payment method

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venicejets payment methods

Wire Transfer

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Make a wire transfer through traditional banking. Payments usually process between 2 to 5 business days.

Credit Card*

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Get your payment processed instantly. We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet.


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Charter a private jet with Bitcoin?
Absolutely! we also accept payments in Bitcoin and all major crypto-currencies through BitPay.

*1.5-3% transaction fee applies on all CC payments.

Settle your invoice

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After the charter agreement is signed, we'll issue an invoice that can be payed through one of the different methods available. We also offer you the possibility to issue your invoice in your preferred currency between EUR, GBP and USD.
Since you're contracting an ad-hoc charter for a specific trip and aircraft, the payment for each flight must be fully cleared before take-off.

venicejets invoice


step 3

At the completion of the booking process, you will receive the initial itinerary with the main flight schedule information such as flight time, FBO etc. A final itinerary including all crew information for your trip will be sent to you at least 24 hrs before the flight.
Request any extra services to complete your trip including ground transportation, hotel reservation or special on-board catering by contacting your private aviation advisor.

Any extra services are not included in the price unless otherwise specified and the price is to be agreed before booking. De-icing will be debited to the client unless otherwise specified.
Venicejets itinerary


Step 4

We recommend to arrive at the private terminal at least 15 min before the flight to avoid any delays.
Your ground transfer vehicle can drop you off right in front of the entrance of the terminal where the handling agents will greet you and take your luggage.
The FBO will usually have a private lounge where you can rest undisturbed while waiting for your aircraft.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

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