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The optimal program for your aircraft

Our Commitment

At Venicejets® we are charter experts. We advice our Owners not only on choosing the best private jet according their needs, but as well on optimising their current aircraft managing and selecting the best charter trips for them.

What is it?

We understand that charter activity is a very important player in your aircraft’s economy and it plays a significant role on subsidizing the fixed costs. Our Owners benefit from our dedicated team to maximise their charter, consequently their revenue.

To become a VJ Owner is easy:

No Setup Cost

To enrol into the program, there are no setup costs, recurrent fees or a need to change from your current operator. Your trust in our expertise is your investment.

Pricing Algoritm

Our team will develop a price model which will fit your requirements in order maximise the revenue of your jet.


Venicejets will invest on marketing your airplane through our extensive network and dedicated digital platforms. We will conduct a Marketing Mix strategy to achieve broad visibility.


Our main interest is to have your aircraft charter movement optimised. Our fee will be agreed beforehand and will be based on the activity and targets set.

venicejets itinerary


Each month, our Owners receive a detail report of their aircraft’s activities and earnings.

Our Portfolio

On top of connecting you to thousands of private jets worldwide, we offer privileged access to our portfolio's aircraft.

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000
2,960 nm
475 kts
10 - 12 standard

Global 6000

Global 6000
6'000 nm
Mach 0.89
15 standard
Flying over London in private jet
You are in good hands
More than just a broker

We offer top personalised service which means we will always know exactly what’s happening with your aircraft.

We like to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, which creates mutual trust and confidence, making sure you always get the service value for your money.

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