Our Commitment

At Venicejets®, your safety is our topmost priority, which is we are committed to always adhering to the top safety standards.

Certified Only

Safety is our first commitment, that's why the Venicejets® network puts together only certified operators holding an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), released by the national aviation authorities. To obtain such certification, operators have to undergo continuos and rigours audits which ensure they are competent to safely operate passenger transportation.

We ensure to meet these standards worldwide, in fact, in the Unites States, Venicejets® only operates flights with aircraft that are under FAA Part 135.

But that's not all, we conduct our own audits, verifying the operators follow those recommended practices during all the whole process of the flight, from scheduling to disembarking.
Our extended experience in Flight Operations and Flight Monitoring Systems enables us to predict weather hazards or unsafe situation in a timely manner thus to ensure the highest level of safety at anytime.

Safety is not only about flying but health too, at Venicejets®, we make sure the cabin of your private jet is periodically sanitised and the crew follows the WHO recommendations.



Are private jets safe?


Our trusted operators have their aircrafts go through rigorous safety testing and checks and are certified by third-party organisations specialised in safety.
Private jets have the flexibility to land in many more airports and are usually better equipped to avoid, or even fly above bad weather, than commercial airlines.


How does Venicejets® ensure safety?


Because we consider safety the most important aspect when we offer an aircraft, we only consider options from operators that are certified and can prove they meet the top industry safety standards for both aircraft and crew.


What other safety advantages are there to flying private?


There is a great health and safety advantage. When flying private, most of the times you will depart and arrive from private terminals, which means speedy security controls and far less crowded spaces, and private waiting areas, reducing the risk of contact with other people from 700 "touch-points" when flying commercial, to less than 20.

Our Services

On-demand private jet charter. We are here to help you find the best aircraft for every kind of mission.

We'll help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs. We can also help you price and find a buyer for your old aircraft.

Wether you wish to get more out of your aircraft, want to know your options or are looking for a special aviation solution.