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Aircraft Sales

Upgrade your travel

Sell an aircraft

Give a new home to your valuable asset.

Know the real value of your aircraft. Through our network and access to our marketing technologies, we help you find reliable buyers across the globe.

Buy an aircraft

Reach the ultimate flexibility

We will guide you through the buying process to understand the requirements and find the best aircraft options available, making sure this important acquisition is a perfect fit for your individual needs for today and the future.

Aircraft Acquisition

Buying a private jet can be a challenging task, specially a pre-owned one, which is why Venicejets® uses the latest tools and industry intelligence to protect our clients’ interest.We listen to your requirements and preference and based on that, we conduct a research on all suitable opportunities, both “on” and “off” the market. To do so, we leverage our wide industry network worldwide.

Once a potential aircraft has been spotted, we oversee the pre-buy inspection and document preparations. If needed, we can assist with tax strategy and ownership structure.Additionally, for any owner interested to subsidise the fixed cost of the asset, through our VJ Owner Program we offer the opportunity to charter your airplane.

Aircraft Sales

If you are looking to sell or change your private jet, we at Venicejets can assist you through the entire process. First, we will help you to value your asset through our market knowledge and recent transactions. Our professional photographer will take pictures and videos, which we will use to create the content to market your airplane. Once we have a potential buyer, we help you to negotiate the sales at a price you are happy with, and assist on the preparation of all documentation.

Some transactions are faster than others, in the meantime, our VJ Owner Program could help you to cover the fixed cost of the airplane by chartering it.

flying over London in private jet

You are in good hands

More than just a broker

We offer top personalised service which means we will always know what’s happening with each of the different stages of your transaction.

We like to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, which creates mutual trust and confidence, making sure you always get the service value for your money.

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