Bryan Bellicini
November 25, 2020

FBO (which stands for Fixed-Base Operator) is a terminal dedicated to private jets, however, they are not all the same and the experiences might be different in each airport. Let’s learn more about each one.

Business Aviation Hubs

All major business aviation airports have one or more FBOs. Each FBO has its own facility which includes private parking, exclusive VIP lounge, dedicate tarmac and hangar. While in the VIP lounge, passengers can find all the comforts such as refreshments, newspapers, WI-FI, meeting rooms and showers. The ambient is welcoming and quiet, perfect for meetings or relaxing

General Aviation Terminal

A General Aviation Terminal aka GAT is a  terminal dedicated to business aviation. The GATs are the common facility to find in European airports and are usually managed directly by the airport authority. In the GAT it’s possible to find several FBOs operating in the same terminal but each of them with their own staff and lounge.

General Aviation Terminal - Milan Linate

Regional Airports

If flying from/to a regional airport, it might happen that none of the facilities mentioned above are available. In fact, where the business aviation traffic is low, the main terminal could be the only facility available, nevertheless, passengers will be able to board via the crew access or fast track to ensure a smooth and fast boarding process.

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