Bryan Bellicini
November 7, 2020

Learn about the different ways to fly private. If you are new to the jet set life or a regular flyer, you might wonder what’s the best way to fly on a private jet, which can be different according to your needs. Continue reading and find your match.

On-demand private jet charter

On-demand charter is the fastest way to start flying private. It allows you to book each flight independently choosing the most optimal private jet solution according the flight duration or number of passengers for that trip. The price is dynamic, based on current availability at the time of the request, therefore, you can benefit from special offers, if available, like one-way deals or empty-legs.


JetCard programs usually come with a prepayment starting from 25 hours, meaning an initial deposit of minimum €120’000, based on the aircraft’s category. Flexibility is a JetCard’s main benefit, you will have access to guaranteed availability at fixed one-way hourly rates with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you can estimate how many flight hours you will need in the next 12 month, you can easily calculate the cost and insert it in your yearly budget.

How to fly in a private jet
Private jets in a hangar in Toluca

Fractional Ownership

If you want to access all the perks of owning a private jet but don’t fly enough to actually justify one, then fractional ownership might be an interesting solution for you.

With fractional ownership, you purchase a share of the plane. The shares are quantified in hours and the entire ownership is usually set to 800 hours per year. Now, let’s suppose you are going to agree on a 5-year contract of 100 hours per year of an aircraft valued at €10 million. This would grant you 1/8 of the ownership of the plane with a down payment of €1.25 million plus additional monthly management fees, the fixed hourly rate and fuel surcharge for each trip and/or congestions fees based on your destinations.

The advantage of fractional programs is that they provide guaranteed availability with a little as 4 hours notice.

Full ownership

We recommend to consider ownership of a private jet only to whoever flies at least 200 hours annually. Corporations and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) often choose to own a private jet which gives them the ultimate flexibility, however, that comes at a high cost. Let’s consider a pre-owned light jet, the initial investment to buy a 10-year old airplane is about €3,5 million, on top of that, fixed costs are about €200’000 annually and variable costs about €2’000 per hour.

Our VJ Owner program helps aircraft owners to subsidise part of the fixed cost by chartering their jet.

Contact our team for further information, we will help you understand what’s the best way to fly private for you.

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